Matthew 5:16 “In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in Heaven.”

Over 100 people from the surrounding communities fill our roles both onstage and behind the scenes. A large portion of our volunteers have been with us since our opening in 1974, working alongside our founders Reverend Frank Roughton Harvey and his beloved wife Hazel.

Our 2018 regular volunteers include:

Heath Dawson, Nick Williams, Tom Cummins, Bob Applegate, John Arnett, Randi Bates, Max Beery, Dee Carter, George Clark, Mary Clark, Jerry Dyer, Annette Ellwood, Judge David Ellwood, Joe Fanti, Maudi Fanti, Herb Fields, Shelly Fields, Micaela Fields, James Fields, Kara Fields, Grace Fields, Pat Hanson, Pete Hanson, John Harmon, Logan Hill, Hannah Hill, Kim Israel, Melody Law, Duane Lucas, Karen Lucas, Joe Marsinek, Miranda Marsinek, Gloria Martin, Reginald Martin, Dave Milligan, Allen Minnich, Bob Moffett, Jennifer Moffett, Carey Mozena, Marvin Muth, Chris Muth, Larry Holmes, Art Postlethwait, Doug Potts, Susan Rasor, Cal Rice, Kayela Roberson, Rick Roberson, Petra Severance, De Thomas, Lowell Thomas, Emma Webster, Joe Siburt, Stephen Hannum, Terri Booth, Mark Stoffer, Tacy Bates, Don Sigman … and more.

We ask you to consider volunteering and becoming a part of The Living Word!

To our Cast & Crew,
Saying thank you is not nearly enough for your dedication and love to The Living Word. Because of you, we are able to present this glorious experience. You are the heart and soul that keeps Frank and Hazel’s dream alive. You are cherished.